Brothers In Crime

filmmakers at large

Filmmaking isn't in our blood but we do do it - James Atkins

Yeah - Kris atkins


Short Film - Coming Soon

Three Couples compete to rent a spacious garage in a competitve renting market.

"What are you going to do, fight me for it?"

The Last Gun.png

The Last Gun

8 Episode Web-Series

The man with the last gun in the world is challenged for the right to weild it.

"I don't think you know how guns work..."

You're A Wizard Kevin

8 Episode Web-Series

A reckless Wizard Master trains a young and restless University student.

"Can a sparkler make chikens!?!"

Unrelatable Office Humour

24 Episode Web-Series

Very relatable office based meme series.

"This report smells like shit!"

Vanya and Army 1.jpg

Some Vikings

Short Film

An epic battle between two viking tribes, written and choreographed in one day.

"Some of you will survive, some of you won't..."